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5 Reasons To Plan Your Meals

“Ugh, meal planning! I can’t do that!”

This is a common reaction we get when we talk about meal planning with clients. Various reasons, such as the time commitment, the difficulty, and not knowing what they want to eat are some of the reasons given as to why they feel they can’t do it. Yes, it will take you some time every week and it is “work” to an extent, particularly when starting out. But it also has so many benefits to improving eating habits as well as some other benefits. You can choose to do it or not - that is up to you. But we challenge you to try it out for at least 3-4 weeks. Give it a good effort to see if you notice any of the following benefits.

You’ll Eat Healthier

If you’ve set some goals for eating healthier, planning meals is a way to achieve these goals. For example, if you have set a goal to take a lunch to work everyday, then you can plan what lunches you are going to pack, what groceries you’ll need and when you are going to prepare these meals. Having meals already planned also reduces the chances that you’ll order take out or stop at the drive-thru for a quick meal.

It Saves Time

Yes, it can save you time! Ok, so it does involve some extra time at the front end of your week, but it will save you time throughout your week. How does it save you time you ask...well let us tell you the ways!

  • First, you won’t have to run to the store to pick up last minute groceries for tonight’s dinner, or running to get take-out.

  • Second, you won’t waste time staring into your fridge or cupboards trying to figure out what to make.

  • Third, you might not have to cook at all if you plan for leftovers (more on that next time).

  • Fourth, you can plan quick easy meals when you need them.

  • Finally, you’ll save time when grocery shopping since you will have a list, making your trip to the store more efficient.

It Reduces Stress

Tired of the stress of figuring out what to eat when you get home from a busy day? Maybe you

have kids underfoot complaining they are hungry and asking “What’s for dinner?” When you

plan meals you will know exactly what is on the menu for the night and don’t need to stress about trying to figure out what to make. This is especially helpful when it’s a busy weeknight. And as a bonus if you’ve also prepped ahead of time then getting the meal to the table might be even quicker!

It Saves Money

There are few ways to save some money by meal planning.

  • By using flyers, or one of the flyer apps (eg. Flipp), you can check out what’s on sale and plan meals to take advantage of these savings.

  • Plan your meals with fresh produce that’s in season, or use frozen veggies as less expensive options (frozen veggies will also save you time!).

  • Once you have a meal plan you can make your grocery list of only the foods you will need for the week. You’ll save money by not buying things you don’t need at the store.

It Reduces Waste

For some of the same reasons you’ll save money you will also reduce food waste. Buying only the foods you need for your plan each week will reduce food going bad before it gets used. Planning to use some of the same ingredients for multiple meals in your week reduces waste (and saves money too!).

Hopefully this has given you some good incentives for meal planning. Stay tuned next time when we dive further into how to get started with meal planning.


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