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Non-Scale Victories

We are a society that’s uber focused on achieving and measuring success. When it comes to a person’s weight, that measure of ‘success’ is often described as a change in the number on the scale or a reduction in chest/stomach/hip measurements. The problem with this approach (and why weight should never solely be used as a marker of success) is because these numbers tell you nothing about your health, fitness, level of happiness, or overall well-being. 

On the contrary, non-scale victories are a measure of success that doesn’t involve the number on a scale. Non-scale victories can paint a better picture of your journey towards improved health and your achievements over time, as non-scale victories are a series of small ‘wins’ that help you progress from one state of being to the next. They represent clear cut measures of success and personal development or improvement. They are satisfying moments of reward that can spark further motivation.

Transitioning the perception of success/failure, value, and self-worth (an array of feelings that can be brought on when viewing the number on the scale) to non-scale victories can present evidence that progress with goals is being made, even if the scale isn’t moving. 

Let’s consider a variety of non-scale victories:

Health focused:

  • Improved energy levels

  • Improved stamina

  • Decreased shortness of breath

  • Improved cholesterol 

  • Improved blood sugar control

  • Reduced use (or dose) of medications

  • Changes in body composition/improved muscle definition

  • Improved sleep

  • Physical activity / workouts are easier to do

  • Improved strength or endurance

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Being able to bend over

  • Tying shoelaces with ease

  • Being more active

  • Going to the amusement park and fitting into rides

  • Not having to ask for a seat belt extender when flying

  • Clothes fit more comfortably

  • Can get on the floor to play with children/grandchildren

  • Improved sexual confidence, function and endurance

Take some time to think about your own weight management journey today. What are your non-scale victories and why do they matter to you? Remember that inanimate objects, such as a body weight scale, and the number that it shows you, is not a reflection of the wonderful person that you are or the success that you hold.

Breaking free from the scale,

Adam, Sarah, and Stephanie



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