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The COVID-19 Showdown...Your Personal Well-Being vs the Pandemic

Are you over this whole COVID-19 situation? Well, to be are we. The Sustain Bariatric Nutrition team took a little hiatus while the world was grappling with some unprecedented circumstances. Although, we’ve come to a decision. We’ve decided to put our big girl panties back on (or big boy shorts in the case of Adam), pull ourselves out of this COVID-19 slump, and jump back on the bandwagon with some amazing content for you!

Today’s topic is focused on nurturing personal well-being. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we transformed our entire lives and juggled a variety of new roles. We became full-time stay-at-home parents/caregivers, teachers to our children, work from home geniuses, and baking gods. We’ve never gone out less and stayed at home more. We learned to stop taking small pleasures for granted and worked to strengthen our intimate relationships (or in some cases, gradually grew apart due to all of that confined time together). 

Throughout this pandemic and lockdown, we’ve put our personal needs on the backburner to develop some semblance of routine in a wary world. We put a pause on our well-being because frankly, when the possibility of severe illness looks you dead in the eye, that yoga membership or meal planning routine that you were maintaining was not a priority anymore. With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, getting back to “normal” life will never be the same. However, developing a new sense of some normalcy may be your best option. 

This may not be a very nutrition based type of blog, but our messaging is clear...this is our time collectively to embark on some personal growth from this COVID-19 experience and prioritize our wellbeing again. Self care is so underrated, but so incredibly important. Think of one thing RIGHT NOW that puts an instant smile on your face and makes you feel good again. Whether that means taking a bubble bath, cooking your favourite meal, taking some time to meditate, or getting into a good skincare routine, just remember...YOU DESERVE IT. 

If you take our advice and plan to do something special for yourself, congratulations! You’re taking an amazing leap away from this COVID-19 funk. However, if you’re ready to take things to the next level and want to completely refocus on your health and nutrition efforts, stay tuned for our next blog post on goal setting. 


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