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Registered Dietitian

Sarah Teene is a graduate of the Applied Human Nutrition program at the University of Guelph and completed her Dietetic Internship at Capital Health in Halifax. She started her career as a Registered Dietitian in 2005. In her first few years of practice she spent time working in various areas including oncology, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and public health. Sarah has been working in an Ontario Centre of Excellence for bariatric surgery since 2010.


Sarah is passionate about having a healthy relationship with food, as food brings both pleasure and nourishment to our lives. She hopes to help her clients improve their health and well-being by focusing on eating behaviours, as well as the types of foods they eat. Sarah believes that how we eat should be sustainable and enjoyable long-term in order to see benefits such as improvements in health, energy and/or weight management.


In her spare time, Sarah likes eating good food, skiing, travelling and spending time with her family.

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