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It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like...Not Christmas?

You may have started off 2020 with a sense of new found interest, motivation, and willingness to ‘take the bull by its horns’ regarding your lifestyle, career, health, etc. Then came COVID-19 and that all came to a grinding halt. Now it’s December (by the way, how the heck did that even happen?) and for many people, the holiday season usually brings with it lots of delicious food, many social engagements, and tons of family time (ok...maybe that last point doesn’t convey warm and fuzzy feelings for all). Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you have to admit, the holiday season this year in general feels very “off”.

What gives? So, maybe the government did ask you to scale down the fun and celebrate with only those closest to you (those you live with at home). Maybe mom and dad or your children are only available for get-togethers virtually. That doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. The holiday season may look different in 2020, but that doesn’t mean the holiday cheer or Christmas spirit needs to be lost.

Here are four suggestions for doing the holidays in a more unique way:

1. You love Christmas baking, but you’re worried about having too many baked goods hanging around the house and the temptation to eat them? No problem. Half the joy in baking comes from the baking process itself anyways (and don’t forget the special ingredient that goes into your baked goods - the love). Since you can’t share these baked goods around a large holiday table of family and friends this year, consider wrapping these goodies up and dropping them off for your loved ones to enjoy. Who wouldn’t love that?

2. No office Christmas party this year? Bah humbug. Instead of getting yourself all dolled up or extra handsome looking to go OUT to a fancy dinner or party, do it anyways (on a much smaller scale) and stay IN. Plan a Zoom Christmas party with your co-workers and still dress up so that you’re looking fine as hell. Also…don’t forget that nice bottle of wine or champagne (no designated driver needed, baby!), those baked goods that you made, and heat up some lovely h’ors d'oeuvres. It might feel a little weird, but not really. Remember...2020.

3. Do you get anxious about planning large holiday meals? Guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE TO (cue the Price Is Right’s theme music). It’s hard to focus on the silver linings when it comes to a pandemic, but this could be one of them. Instead of spending several hours babysitting the roast in the oven or wondering what to pair with what, take it easy on yourself. Keep the menu simple and stress over one less thing.

4. Do you usually leave cookies and milk out for Santa? Well, still do it! COVID-19 might be keeping everyone else away, but Santa is immune to the virus. Didn’t you know? Go tell the kids.

See? The holidays can still be full of lots of fun and cheer. Yes, this blog was meant to be lighthearted in the midst of all this commotion and uncertainty. Things may be a little weird right now, but remember, they won’t always be.

Wishing you a very happy and restful holiday season,

Adam, Sarah, and Stephanie


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